Our Wedding

Maria Clara And Andrew

We are pleased to invite you

We are getting married

While we may come from different places and speak in different tongues, our hearts beat as one.

Day to remember


We would be delighted that you join us to celebrate our next chapter of our journey and having both of our worlds together for the first time.
And we’ll build a bridge of love between two worlds. Miles and miles away, though the journey takes us far, our love has found a place to stay.

Our wedding place


Capilla Nuestra Señora de las Nieves
Cl. 28 #2625, Girón, Santander
3:30 pm


Hotel Club Campestre,
Bucaramanga, Santander, Colombia.
6:00 pm

Dress Code

Summer Formal Attire




Can you attend?

Our Wish

We understand how big of an effort you will make travelling to Colombia, therefore we do not expect a present.
Your wishes for a happy life together and the honour of your presence are the only presents that we wish to receive.
Our wish to you is to enjoy our wedding and Colombia, Maria’s home!
We want the best for you! That’s why we want to recommend the following options.

Accommodation options

To book accomodation, email your selected hotel with Subject: Maria & Andrew – January 2023 Wedding.
Please specify your arrival and exit date, full name of people per room and the ages of children.
Please CC Maria (mariaclaraorejarena@gmail.com). To secure the booking, you are required to pay one night.
The remaining nights can be paid upon your arrival.

Hotel Club Campestre, Bucaramanga.

reservas@campestrebucaramanga.com If you are looking to enjoy a resort experience, select me!

Hotel Sonesta, Bucaramanga.

margy.arenales@ghlhoteles.com If you are looking to enjoy an urban experience, select me! I have direct access to the Parque Caracolí shopping center.
Make the most of your visit to Colombia! We will be embarking on a 3 night trip to a magical city of Colombia, Cartagena. If you are interested please contact Santur L’Alianxa agency tour.

Post wedding

We would like to show you what Colombia has to offer! We will be embarking on a 3 night trip to a magical city of Colombia. Cartagena is the gateway to the Caribbean islands. The Colombian little Miami! The trip will be organised by Santur L’Alianxa agency tour Bucaramanga. This tour includes everything such as a flight ticket from Bucaramanga to Cartagena, hotel (https://hotelkartaxacartagena.com/en) and activities. Price to be confirmed (this invitation is live and price will be added).

Please note:

Wedding Planner